Captian Jacks Whale Watching
Seward Whale Watching

Listen up folks, I have a secret to share with you – it’s called Seward, Alaska! Think of it as a real-life fairytale town where whales, sea lions, and glaciers come out to play. If that’s not enchanting enough for you, why not take a kayak tour along its stunning coast and channel your inner-mermaid? But if you’re more of a land-loving creature, there’s no need to fret – hiking, camping, and indulging in some marine biology magic at the Alaska SeLife Center is also on the cards! And let’s not forget about the heart-pumping activities like fishing, dog-sledding, and helicopter tours that are just screaming for you to give them a go. Trust me, Seward is more than just a town – it’s a whole bundle of adventure waiting for you to unravel!